Drinks List

> House Wine

    Marechal Merlot B £11.95
    Subtle, spicy character with lots of plummy fruit.

    Marechal Chardonnay 2 £11.95
    Fresh and crisp, cimbining minterality with well balanced tropical flavours

    Marechal Sauvignon Blanc 2 £11.95
    Delicious gooseberry notes and a crisp, dry finish

> White Wine

    Liebfraumilch Schmitt Sohne 5 £11.95

    Medium sweet, with fresh fruit aromas.

    Ocean Point Chardonnay 2 £12.95

    Unoaked with light tropical fruit flavours and a nice clean finish.

    Concha y Toro Sauvignon Blanc 2 £13.95

    A grassy aroma delivers a mouthful of fruit with balanced acidity and a long finish.

    Olive Hills Pinot Grigio 2 £13.50

    Citrus fruit character, easy drinking with good balance and ripe fruit flavours.

    The Original Dark Horse Chardonnay 2 £14.95

    Bright fruit flavours of apricot and peach, with lots of toasted oak, caramel and brown spice, and a smooth, lingering finish.

    Chablis Les Moineau 1 £20.95
    Floral and slightly smoky aromas. Stony and minerally mouthfeel, fine and elegant with a persistent aromatic freshness.

> Red Wine

    Ocean Point Shiraz C £12.95
    Vibrant'and fruity with flavours. smooth tannins and berry fruit flavour

    Orange Street Ruby Cabernet / Merlot C £12.95
    South Africa

    Blackcurrant fruit and mint character with nice soft tannins and good structure.

    Concha v Toro Cabernet Sauvignon C £13.95

    A full-bodied and fruity, unoaked red.

    Cotes du Rhone Cellier du Rhone C £14.95

    Soft, and juicy. Classic strawberry Grenache fruit matched with peppery spice.

    Alma Mora Malbec D £14.95

    Full bodied wine with ripe red fruits flavour and an elegant touch of smoke and vanilla.

    Serres Tempranillo Rioja B £14.95

    Fragrant nose with ripe berries and tomato leaf hints. Fruit driven with supple tannins.

> Rose & Sparkling


    River Wild White Zinfandel 4 £13.95

    An aromatic and flavoursome wine, brimfull with strawberries and cream flavours and a juicy finish.

    Olive Hills Pinot Grigio Pink 2 £13.50

    Light rose colour. Delicate fresh fruit character with nice mineral notes. Reasonably dry in style and very refreshing


    Bach Platinum Reserva Cava 2 £14.95

    Very stylish Cava. Light and refreshing with good fruit and citrus character.

    Prosecco Spumante DOC 2 £15.95
    Villa delle Camelie Italy

    A delicate and complex bouquet Fresh and light with a long aftertaste.

    Moet et Chandon Brut NV 2 £49.95
    Elegant and full flavoured with soft clean fruit Medium bodied and nicely balanced off dry style

> Aperitifs, Liqueurs & Spirits


    Campari £2.80
    Cinzano Bianco £3.00
    Dubonnet £2.80
    (sweet or dry) £3.00
    Pernod £2.80
    Taboo £3.00


    Advocaat £2.80
    Benedictine £2.80
    Cointreau £2.80
    Crime de Menthe £2.80
    Drambuie £2.80
    Southern Comfort £2.80
    Malibu £2.80
    Tia Maria £2.80


    Whisky £2.80
    Gin £2.80
    Vodka £2.80
    Bacardi £2.80
    Brandy £2.80
    Rum £2.80
    Sambuca £2.80
    Archers Peach Schnapps £2.80

> Sherry & Port

    Amontillado (medium) £2.80
    Tio Pepe
    (dry) £2.80
    Bristol Cream £2.80
    Ruby Port £3.50

> Beers & Sundries

    Carling Lager £1.80 / £3.40
    Bitter £2.80
    Cobra Lager £1.95 / £3.80
    Cobra Bottle £2.95
    Budweiser £2.95
    Becks £2.95
    Becks Blue £2.60
    Cider Bottle £2.95
    Smirnoff Ice £2.95
    Minerals £2.50
    Coca Cola £1.90
    Lemonade £1.90
    Tonic Water £1.90
    Bitter Lemon £1.90
    Ginger Ale £1.90
    Soda Water £1.90
    Sparkling Water £2.50

> Juice

    Orange £1.90
    Pineapple £1.90
    Grapefruit £1.90
    Tomato £1.90
    J20 £2.80