Our Food Menu

> Starters

    Chicken Tandoori £2.95
    Chicken Tikka £2.95
    Chicken Shashlick £3.50
    Chicken Wings £3.15
    Chicken Chat £2.80
    Garlic Chicken Tikka £3.25
    Garlic Mushroom £2.75
    Mixed Kebab £3.90
    Lamb Shashlik £3.90
    Shami Kebab £3.90
    Sheek Kebab £2.95
    Reshmi Kebab £2.95
    Lamb Tikka £2.95
    Prawn Cocktail £2.90
    Barbecued King Prawns £5.10
    Chicken Puree £3.25
    Cream of Dal Soup £2.05
    Paneer Tikka £2.90
    King Prawn Tandoori £4.90
    King Prawn Butterfly £3.90
    King Prawn Puree £4.40
    Tandoori Masala Fish £2.95
    Prawn Puree £2.90
    Channa Puree £2.70
    Channa Chat £2.70
    Aloo Chat £2.70
    Onion Bhajee £2.30
    Pakora (Chicken) £3.30
    Aloo Shashlik £2.70
    Paneer Shashlik £2.70
    Chilli Paneer £2.95
    (Meat or Vegetables) £1.95
    Vegetable Pakara £2.90

> Thawa

    Specially cooked with garam masala, tomatoes, ring onions and butter Served in cast iron thaws with nan bread or pilau rice

    Chicken Thawa £8.50
    Lamb Thawa £8.95
    Vegetable Thawa £8.95
    Mushroom Thawa £7.95
    Prawn Thawa £8.50
    Tikka Thawa £8.95
    Tandoori Thawa £8.95
    King Prawn Thawa £10.90

> Specials

    Balti Special Menu
    All Balti dishes are served with a choice of either Boiled Rice, Pilao Rice, Nan or Tandoori Roti “Balti”, a dish prepared in an iron wok originating from Northern India. Your dish will be individually cooked with fresh onions, peppers, tomatoes, coriander and our own special spices

    Balti Chicken or Lamb £7.50
    Balti Chicken or Lamb Karma £7.75
    Balti Chicken Tikka Karma £7.75
    Balti Prawns £7.50
    Balti King Prawns £8.95
    Balti Mixed Vegetables £6.95
    Balti Muttar Paneer £6.95
    Balti Chicken Tikka Masala £8.85
    Balti Lamb Tikka Masala £8.85
    Balti Mixed £9.95
    Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab & king prawn cooked with onions, tomatoes, capsicum and freshly prepared special spices
    Balti Tamarind Special £9.85 Chicken or Lamb cooked with mixed vegetables, green chilli, lemon juice giving a hot spicy taste

    Tandoori Specialities

    Chicken Tandoori (Half) £5.95
    Tender chicken, marinated in yoghurt and spices

    Chicken Tikka £5.95
    Diced chicken, marinated in fresh ground spices

    Lamb Tikka £6.35
    Very mild diced lamb, marinated with mild spices

    Sheek Kebab £5.95
    Minced lamb with onions, special herbs and spices, skewered and barbecued

    Lamb Shashlik £6.95
    Pieces of lamb, marinated in herbs and spices, cooked with onions, tomatoes and capsicum

    Chicken Shashlik £6.90
    Pieces of tender chicken, marinated in herbs and spices, cooked with onions, tomatoes and capsicum

    King Prawn Tandoori £9.95
    King prawns, marinated in yoghurt & special ground spices

    Tamarind Mixed Grill £9.95
    An assortment of chicken tandoori, chicken tikka, king prawns and sheek kebab

    Tandoori Fish £6.90
    Fresh rainbow trout, marinated with delicate spices and herbs

    Mixed Platter £9.95

    Garlic Chicken Tikka £6.15
    Diced chicken, marinated in fresh ground spices and garlic

    Tandoori Special Masala Dishes
    The Masala dishes are cooked in specially prepared delicately flavoured sauce


    Chicken Tikka Masala £7.90
    Lamb Tikka Masala £7.90
    Kebab Masala £7.90
    Paneer Masala £7.90
    Tandoori Chicken Masala £7.90
    Tandoori Butter Chicken Masala £7.75
    Tandoori King Prawn Masala £10.95
    Special Tandoori Masala £8.95
    Aloo Masala £7.90

    All these dishes are prepared by our Chef’s own recipe

    Lamb Pasanda £6.95
    Thin slices of lamb, marinated in spices & herbs then slowly simmered in a rich cream sauce with ground almonds and red wine

    Chicken Pasanda £6.95
    Thin slices of chicken, marinated in spices and herbs then slowly simmered in a rich cream sauce with ground almonds and red wine

    Lamb or Murg Pulao £7.95
    Barbecued lamb cooked with cashew nuts, almonds sultanas and basmati rice, served with kofta in an exotic, mild, spiced, creamy sauce

    Chicken Korai £6.95
    Diced chicken cooked with rich spices, fresh garlic, onions, tomatoes, capsicum. Served in an iron wok

    Mixed Korai £8.95
    Pieces of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, king prawns and sheek kebab cooked with special spices, onions, tomatoes and served in an iron wok

    Chicken Tikka Bhoona Masala £7.55
    Charcoal grilled chicken cooked in garam masala, masala sauce with a touch of garlic

    Lamb Tikka Bhoona Masala £7.65
    Charcoal grilled lamb cooked in garam masala, masala sauce with a touch of garlic

    King Prawn Bhoona Masala £9.25
    Charcoal Grilled prawns prepared with special prawn masala sauce flavoured with garlic & onions

    Podina £6.25
    Diced Lamb cooked in gingery hot spices andflavoured with fresh mint

    Brinjal Gosht £6.25
    Lamb cooked with rich spices and fresh aubergine

    Jeera Chicken or Lamb £6.25
    Fresh diced chicken or lamb marinated in mild spices with white cumin seed, cooked in its own sauce.

    Non vegetarian Thali £10.95
    Sheek kebab, chicken tikka rogon josh, egg curry, raita, pilai rice and nan

    Tamarind Special Jali Chicken or Lamb £7.45
    Cooked with tomato, onion, cucumber and mustard, served in a Brass Dish

    Murog Chilli Masala £7.25
    Diced chicken cooked in garam masala with green chillies and garlic

    Fish Jul £10.95
    Fresh water white fish, dicesd and cooked with onion, garlic and ginger (Medium hot)

    Badom - E - Murgh £6.95
    Charcoal grilled chicken cooked with fresh cream,fruits and nuts (very mild)

    Methi Gosht or Chicken £6.95
    Diced lamb or chicken prepared with fresh cream, fruits and nuts (very mild)

    Sag Prawn £6.25
    Mildly spiced prawns prepared with fresh spinach & fried garlic

    Sag Chicken or lamb £6.25
    Barbecued chicken or lamb cooked with fresh spinach and topped with fried garlic and coriander to give extra flavour

    Chicken Do - Piaza or Lamb £6.25
    Diced chicken or lamb marinated in spices and coaked in onion based sauce, slightly sweet

    Rogon Josh (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.25
    Diced lamb or chicken cooked in medium spices and topped with fried garlic and tomatoes

    Chicken or Lamb Kashmiri £6.25
    Diced chicken or lamb cooked with freshly ground spices in creamy sauce flavoured with almonds

    Begum Bahar £6.25
    Chicken minced meat delicately blended & cooked in wonderful spices with nuts & herbs, mild dish

    Chicken Kalia £6.25
    Diced chicken or lamb cooked with freshly ground spices in creamy sauce flavoured with almonds

    Mughlai Chicken or Lamb £6.25
    Tender chicken or lamb pieces, cooked in mild spices with nuts and egg in mild creamy sauce

    Paneer Tikka Bhoona Masala £6.25
    Home made Indian cheese, cooked in charcoal, with garam masala sauce, garlic & fresh tomatoes

    Vegetarian Thali £9.95
    Pakora, chana masala, saag aloo, bhindi Bhoona, tarka dhal, pilao rice and puri

    Chicken Makhani £7.75
    Chicken cooked with fresh almonds, cream and chef's special spices (mild dish)

> Vegetable

    Chef’s Selection of Vegetable Dishes

    Jeera Aloo Mattor £5.10

    Malai Kofta £5.10

    Sheem Perosh £5.10

    Mattor Paneer £5.10

    Bhoona Niramish £5.10

    Aloo Palak £5.10

    Aloo Paneer £5.10

    Aloo Begoon £5.10

> Classics

    Cooked with basmati rice to add the aroma of real saffron, served with vegetable curry

    Tamarind Special Biryani £8.50
    Chicken or Lamb Biryani £7.95
    Chicken Tikka Biryani £8.50
    Tandoori Chicken Biryani £8.50
    Tandoori King Prawn Biryani £9.95
    Lamb Tikka Biryani £8.55
    King Prawn Biryani £9.50
    Keema Biryani £6.95
    Prawn Biryani £6.95
    Mushroom Biryani £6.95
    Vegetable Biryani £6.95

    Bhoona dishes are tossed in butter and seasoned with oriental spices and cooked with onions and tomatoes in a thich sauce

    Chicken Bhoona £5.50
    Chicken Tikka Bhoona £6.95
    Lamb Bhoona £5.90
    Prawn Bhoona £5.50
    King Prawn Bhoona £8.95
    Paneer Bhoona £5.95
    Mushroom Bhoona £4.95
    Vegetable Bhoona £4.95

    Dansak dishes are slightly richer, spicier blend, cooked in a sauce of pureed lentils and pineapple (sweet, sour & hot)

    Chicken Dansak £5.25
    Chicken Tikka Dansak £6.50
    Lamb Tikka Dansak £6.50
    Meat Dansak £5.95
    Prawn Dansak £5.50
    King Prawn Dansak £8.95
    Paneer Tikka Dansak £5.95
    Mushroom Dansak £5.10
    Vegetable Dansak £5.10

    Prepared with mild spices, flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon, cumin & coriander in a creamy sauce

    Chicken Korma £5.15
    Lamb Korma £5.50
    Prawn Korma £5.15
    Lamb Tikka Korma £6.50
    Chicken Tikka Korma £6.50
    King Prawn Korma £8.95
    Paneer Tikka Korma £6.40
    Cauliflower Korma £5.15
    Vegetable Korma £5.10

    A tangy tasty dish cooked with mixed vegetable, green chilli & lemon juice, giving it a hot spicy taste

    Chicken Rezala £5.80
    King Prawn Rezala £8.95
    Chicken Tikka Rezala £6.95
    Lamb Rezala £5.95
    Prawn Rezala £5.80
    Lamb Tikka Rezala £7.05
    Vegetable Rezala £5.10
    Kofta Rezala (Vegetable) £5.10
    Lamb Kofta Rezala £6.15

    Madras or Vindaloo
    These dishes are very popular in South India, a rich hot taste, extensively prepared with hot spiced flavoured sauce

    Chicken £5.15
    King Prawn £8.95
    Mushroom £5.05
    Chicken Tikka £5.95
    Paneer Tikka Madras £5.90
    Lamb £5.90
    Prawn £5.15
    Vegetable £5.10
    Lamb Tikka £6.10

    Medium Curry
    These dishes are lightly spiced curries cooked in a relatively mild sauce

    Chicken Curry £5.15
    Lamb Curry £5.50
    Prawn Curry £5.15
    King Prawn Curry £8.95
    Keema Curry £5.90
    Mushroom Curry £5.15
    Egg Dhal Curry £5.50
    Bindi Curry £5.15
    Vegetable Curry £5.10
    Peas & Cheese Curry £5.15
    Aloo Gopee Curry Potatoes & Cauliflower £5.10

    these dishes are cooked in fresh ground spices & green chillies with garlic, fresh ginger & white vinegar mustard to give extra strong flavour

    Chicken Jalfrezi £5.95
    King Prawn Jalfrezi £8.95
    Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi £6.95
    Lamb Jalfrezi £6.10
    Prawn Jalfrezi £5.90
    Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi £7.10

    Tangy, sweet and sour dishes, cooked with highly flavoured spices topped with fried tomatoes and capsicum

    Chicken Pathia £5.95
    Lamb Pathia £6.10
    Chicken Tikka Pathia £6.95
    Lamb Tikka Pathia £7.10
    Prawn Pathia £5.95
    King Prawn Pathia £8.95
    Vegetable Pathia £5.15

    Side Dishes

    Aloo Gopee (Potatoes & Cauliflower) £2.90
    Aloo Chana £2.90
    Aloo Saag
    (Potatoes & Spinach) £2.90
    Bombay Aloo £2.90
    Bhindi Bhajee £2.90
    Begoon Bhajee
    (Aubergine) £2.90
    Bhuna Sauce £2.90
    Chana Masala £2.90
    Green Salad £2.40
    Mushroom Bhajee £2.40
    Mixed Vegetable Bhajee £2.60
    Mattor Paneer £2.60
    Onion Bhajee Spinach £2.60
    Phool Gopee Bhajee
    (Cauliflower) £2.60
    Saag Bhajee
    (Spinach) £2.60
    Tarka Dhal £2.60
    Tandoori Sauce £2.50
    (Cucumber or Onions) £1.05

> Side & Sundries


    Coconut Rice £2.90
    Lemon Rice £2.90
    Tamarind Special Fried Rice £2.90
    Vegetable Fried Rice £2.50
    Pilao Rice £2.10
    Peas Pilao £2.50
    Mushroom Fried Rice £2.50
    Egg Fried Rice £2.50
    Boiled Rice 1.90
    Keema Pilao £2.90
    Roas Vegetables £4.95
    Fried Onion £1.95
    Fried Mushroom £1.90


    Nan £1.90
    Keema Nan £2.10
    Peshwari Nan £2.10
    Garlic Nan £2.10
    Cheese Nan £2.10
    Paratha £1.90
    Stuffed Paratha £2.10
    Stuffed Kulicha £2.10
    Poppadom £0.60
    Masala Poppadom £0.65
    Mixed Raita £1.30
    Chapati £0.80
    Chips £1.90
    Chutney & Pickles Tray £1.10

> European

    European Dishes

    Fried Scampi £5.95
    Roast Chicken £5.95
    French Fried Chicken £5.95
    Prawn Salad £5.95
    Vegetable Omlette £5.95
    Plain Omlette £5.95
    Mushroom Omlette £5.95
    Prawn Omlette £5.95
    Chicken Omlette £5.95
    Roast Vegetables £4.95
    Fried Onion £1.95
    Fried Mushroom £1.90

> Desserts

    Nutty Donatella £3.95
    A chocolate hozeinut ice cream filled with hazelnut and chocolate chunks, rippled with chocolate sauce and topped with sweet vanilto ice cream

    Strawberry & Vanilla Sundae £3.95
    A classic combination of sophisticated strawberry and vanilla ice-cream, rippled with a luscious strawberry sauce and then showered with diced Succulent strawberries

    Caramel Royal £3.95
    A smooth caramel ice cream coated in delicious chocolate, surrounded by a crown of chocolate sponge topped with chocolate and fudge

    Mariya's Chocolate Torte £3.95
    A chocolote ice cream torte set on a moist chocolate sponge base with a delightful chocolate glaze and showered with mixed chocolate crisp bits.

    Mariya's Strawberry Cheesecake £3.95
    A delightful vanilla biscuit base topped with a smooth ice cream cheesecake flavoured torte filling and topped with o rich fruity strawberry sauce.

    Suspense £2.95
    Luxury vanilla ice-cream enrobed in luscious toasted hazelnut crunch, a true combination for perfect match made in dessert heaven!

    Lemon Delight £2.95
    fresh and tongy lemon shell fBIea with a tantalizing tangy lemon sorbet to refresh the palette

    Orange Delight £2.95
    and succulent orange shell filled with a zesty orange sorbet to delight anyone's tastebuds

    Coconut Lagoon £3.50
    A fresh exotic coconut shell filled with luscious coconut ice-cream topped with delicious coconut and succulent cherries - a true taste of the tropics!

    Mango Delight £3.50
    A exotic mango shell filled with a luscious mango sorbet an exauisite tropical taste

    Mawa Kulfi £1.95
    traditional Indian ice-cream made from an Indian recipe i has been handed down from generation to generatioi In three different exguisite flavours: Pistachio. Mango and Almond

    Pingo £2.95
    A smooth and delightful vdnilla ice-cream in a Pingo toy liner for the customer to take away - a real winner with children

    Sweetheart Tubs £2.50
    Smooth luscious ice-cream available in either vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate chips. Container may vary.